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The best place in Indonesia to see orangutans in their natural habitat is undoubtedly Tanjung Puting National Park, in Central Kalimantan. Pontianak is a base for visiting Tanjung Puting and common route for tourists flying to Pangkalan Bun. KalStar Aviation and Trigana Air fly daily from Pontianak to Pangkalan Bun vice versa. Flights are easily found from either Kuching or Jakarta to Pontianak. Bus is also available from Kuching to Pontianak if you prefer overland. Our resort is only 5 minutes by car from Supadio Airport in Pontianak and is great place for a stopover before leaving for Pangkalan Bun.

Pontianak, City On The Equator

With a population of about 300,000 Pontianak, West Kalimantan's provincial capital, known as the city on the Equator, is a bustling economic hub as well as the center of administration in the province. Pontianak was initially the center of the Pontianak sultanate the last kingdom in West Kalimantan, which was established at the same time as that of the Dutch administration in the second half of the 18th century. The founder of the sultanate was Syarif Abdurrahman. As the seat of the kingdom, Pontianak was founded on October 23, 1771 on a spot covered by jungle at the mouth of the Kapuas Kecil and Landak rivers.

Pontianak has since, served as a kind of cultural gateway through which influences from the outside reached the population of the hinterland. People from the hinterland also come to the city and mixed with Malays, Javanese, Chinese, Bugis and other peoples. For the Japanese, Pontianak has a special significance because the first battle occurred in this city. Pontianak lies on the Kapuas river where many houses are built over the water and are connected with each other by wooden bridges.
Small boats sail up and down the river to transport people and goods from one place to another. Pontianak is known as a producer of oranges, although the fruits are actually grown in the Tebas district, 300 kilometers north of the city. Pontianak has some attractive tourism objects. The city is located on the equator, at the north of the rivers Kapuas and Landak.

Kapuas River

The Kapuas is 1,143 kilometers long. It is the most important river in the area, and can be navigated by small boats weighing up to 1.000 tons up to Putussibau, the capital of the Kapuas Hulu regency, 814 kilometers from Pontianak. A small motorboat can even go further upstream. Pontianak's links with various other cities inside the province and outside are smooth. Air transportation is available to and from Jakarta (381 miles), Balikpapan (456 miles), Singapore (344 miles) and Kuching (Malaysia -118 miles). From Pontianak planes fly to various small towns throughout West Kalimantan where airstrips exist.

Rumah Betang - Betang House

Rumah Dayak indigenous tribe was built on Jl. Sutoyo, Pontianak and South can be visited every day. Regularly every year here in the Gawai Dayak Festival was held. This place is also used as a performance culture, organizing cultural seminars and so forth.

Mujahiddin Mosque

The Mujahiddin Mosque in Pontianak is the pride of the city and the province. Officially inaugurated in 1978, it is the biggest mosque in the province.

Bugis Dalam

In the village of Bugis Dalam, is the Jami' Mosque of Sultan Abdurrahman Al-Qodri. The historical mosque was built in 1771 by Sultan Syarif Abdurrahman. It is 40 by 35 meters large, and 20 meters high, and has a multi-tiered roof, like that of a Balinese temple. It has six pillars, made of giant belian trunks.

Palace Of Khadariyah

The Palace of the Sultan of Pontianak lies nearby and is also called the Palace of Khadariyah. It is two stories and is built entirely of belian wood. A sturdy main entrance in the shape of Portuguese gate is found at the front of the palace. In former times, a fortress protected the palace against possible enemy attacks, and a cannon was installed. A monument of the Pontianak Kingdom is found near it. There is a historical cathedral in this city. A clock stands on the top of the church.

Equator Monument

To the north, three kilometers away from the city, towards the Pinyuh river, there is the well-known Equator Monument, standing on the exact spot, passed by the equator.

Museum Of Pontianak

The Museum of Pontianak is two kilometers outside the city. It is a beautiful building in modern design, with the ornamental characteristics of West Kalimantan. The museum's collections include relics from the time of the arrival of Islam in this region.

Patria Jaya Heroes Cemetery

The Patria Jaya Heroes Cemetery, 12 kilometers from the city towards the Soepadio airport, is where those who died in the cause of independence are buried.

Juang Mandor Cemetery

The Juang Mandor Cemetery is a cemetery for those killed in the fight against the Japanese. About 21,037 bodies lie buried in ten mass graves.

Aloe Vera Center

Aloe vera is a plant or plants that have been used for centuries for various purposes. Since 4000 years ago, Aloe Vera has been known as it advantageous and there are lots of nutrition in the leave.In Greece in 333 BC, known as Aloe vera plant to treat various diseases, as well as in China, people call this plant as sacred. Aloe vera is derived from kapulauan Canari, North Africa. In the city of Pontianak, Aloe vera is known as the Crocodile Lilah. The Aloe Vera Center was established in 2002. In this area can be seen how the Aloe vera is made into flour and different types of food such as dodol, beverages and various other types of dish. Nutrition in the Aloe vera can be used as a range of disease prevention, maintain sexual fitness, cosmetic and skin nurse. Variety of food and beverages processed Aloe vera is available in many shops and shopping centers in the city of Pontianak. Aloe vera in the location of this center there is also Orchid Center, which is central to develo various types of orchids, including the black orchid, orchid species that seems very difficult to find out now in West Borneo


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Hotel Pontianak Hotel Pontianak

Hotel Pontianak

Hotel Pontianak

Hotel Pontianak

Hotel Pontianak
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